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Welcome to 2x4 Design.Com.
This is an idea of mine that I just wanted to share with others. I guess it all started when I was a kid and was always fascinated with how things were built and assembled. I would constantly take things apart and rebuild them. I also had a strong attraction to art and creating something from scratch. I enjoyed sculpture mainly with different types of material. Then, as I grew older, the real world took over and all of these passions got repressed. Around three years ago, my wife and I became homeowners for the first time. With that came the dreaded home projects. So, the fire to build and create got re-lit. That is how this site came about.

I have a very simple and clean line approach to my projects. I enjoy working with 2x4's because of their cost and ease to work with. It is a unique and different approach to common pieces. My goal is to create things that are functional and attractive. They also will be very durable. Thank you for visiting my site, and if you have any questions, please contact me



Excellent for indoor or outdoor use. Detailed design. Custom built for the size you need. Click for more.


Flat Bed & Headboards

Contemporary design.Twin, queen, or king size available. Click for more.

Firewood Stands

Sturdy, excellent for outdoor use. Click for more.



Show off your green thumb with a custom designed planter. Click for more.



Stylish, yet strong. A perfect match to our bedframes. Click for more.

Side Table

Side Tables

Functional, yet unique. Designed for your needs. Click for more.